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Jun 27, 2019 v6.0.0 released

We finally have support for Checkstyle 8.21 and above! For older Checkstyle, you may now have to use a different variant of Checkstyle Addons.   ... read more

May 27, 2019 Checkstyle 8.21 Compatibility

With recent changes in Checkstyle 8.21, the API for custom checks was so thoroughly broken, that we can’t immediately adjust. Stay tuned for a new major release.   ... read more

Mar 24, 2019 v5.2.2 released

This release fixes a problem where our RegexpOnFilenameOrg and ModuleDirectoryLayout checks would trigger a bug in certain versions of the SonarQube Checkstyle plugin.   ... read more

Mar 9, 2019 Gradle Checkstyle - How to scan all of the sources instead of just Java files

The Gradle Checkstyle plugin only passes .java files to Checkstyle by default. Here’s how to make sure no files are missed.   ... read more

Nov 11, 2018 v5.2.1 released

This is a maintenance release, including one minor bug fix. No need to upgrade per se.   ... read more

Aug 25, 2018 Compatibility is key

Did you know that we check every single one of the frequent Checkstyle releases for compatibility with Checkstyle Addons?   ... read more

Nov 2, 2017 Cell highlighting for Checkstyle compatibility matrix

The compatibility matrix of the Checkstyle ecosystem has been improved and now offers a highlight feature to help you point out specific columns, rows, or cells.   ... read more

Jul 28, 2017 v5.2.0 released

Added new property fileExcludes to the PropertyCatalog check   ... read more

Jul 25, 2017 v5.1.0 released

This release adds support for Checkstyle 8.1.

Jul 7, 2017 v5.0.0 released

We now support Checkstyle 8.0, but had to drop support for Checkstyle 6.15 and older.   ... read more

Jul 6, 2017 v4.2.0 released

Extended the ModuleDirectoryLayout check with the ability to exclude files by regex. Also added the capability to add comments in its directories.json.

Mar 27, 2017 v4.1.2 released

This release fixes a problem where the ModuleDirectoryLayout check would not process some files correctly, if the names of these files started with an MDL path.

Mar 18, 2017 v4.1.1 released

This release fixes a problem where the new option introduced in the previous release was not properly reflected in the configuration data for the Eclipse and SonarQube plugins.

Mar 17, 2017 v4.1.0 released

This release introduces a new flag called failQuietly to the ModuleDirectoryLayout check. When this new flag is set, set check disables itself when it does not find its directory configuration.   ... read more

Mar 12, 2017 v4.0.1 released

A minor bugfix to the ModuleDirectoryLayout check which enables correct handling of files located directly in a project’s baseDir, in the case where that project has a defined structure of submodules.

Feb 19, 2017 v4.0.0 released

Following the Checkstyle lead, Checkstyle Addons has also moved to Java 8 (hence the new major version). Plus, the propertyFile option of the PropertyCatalog check features a new placeholder.   ... read more

Jan 31, 2017 Checkstyle compatibility list updated

The compatibility matrix of the Checkstyle ecosystem is up-to-date again! Find the updated table of Checkstyle-related product versions showing which versions of stuff are compatible with any given version of Checkstyle.

Apr 30, 2016 v3.0.0 released

The new check called ModuleDirectoryLayout helps ensure that the modules of a project follow a configurable directory layout.   ... read more

Mar 9, 2016 v2.1.1 released

This release adds some minor improvements to the RegexpOnString check.   ... read more

Feb 27, 2016 v2.1.0 released

This release adds the RegexpOnString check and a minor improvement to the PropertyCatalog check.   ... read more

Feb 8, 2016 v2.0.0 released

This is a technical release which was required in order to retain compatibility with Checkstyle 6.15.   ... read more

Sep 4, 2015 Checkstyle compatibility list

We have compiled a compatibility matrix of the Checkstyle ecosystem, a table of Checkstyle-related product versions to show which versions of stuff are compatible with any given version of Checkstyle.

Aug 24, 2015 v1.3.2 released

This is a bugfix release which addresses a minor bug in the PropertyCatalog check.   ... read more

Jul 31, 2015 v1.3.1 released

This is a technical release which introduces a separate publication for Java 6 legacy environments. It also improves handling of binary names in the presence of unusual characters (such as inner classes called $).   ... read more

Jul 9, 2015 v1.3.0 released

We have a new check called LocationReference which helps ensure correctness of references to the current method or class name when passed as an argument or used in a variable assignment. Also, we have major improvements to the build process.   ... read more

Jun 13, 2015 v1.2.1 released

This is a micro release with some minor improvements to the PropertyCatalog check, to the build process, and to the documentation.   ... read more

Jun 10, 2015 v1.2.0 released

This release features a new check: PropertyCatalog helps keep a property file in sync with referencing Java code. Also, IllegalMethodCall was improved to allow central configuration of false positives.

May 29, 2015 v1.1.0 released

This release features a new check: IllegalMethodCall.

May 15, 2015 Distribution via Maven Central

Checkstyle Addons is now available via Maven Central. This makes it accessible out-of-the-box by most major build tools. Check it out! :+1:

May 14, 2015 v1.0.1 released

This is a technical release created in order to connect to Maven Central. Getting into Maven Central is a non-trivial endeavor, but wait and see if it works! There are no funtional changes in this release.

May 3, 2015 v1.0.0 released

This is our initial release. So far, there are only two checks, but they are ready to rock!

Apr 9, 2015 Project initiated

The Checkstyle Addons project was officially started! We already have two checks, and a framework for integrating with all kinds of standard software.

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