We finally have support for Checkstyle 8.21 and above! For older Checkstyle, you may now have to use a different variant of Checkstyle Addons.

As announced earlier, this is a major change (new major version), because the Checkstyle API was changed in a way that cannot be compensated by our internal CheckstyleApiFixer (classes were changed into interfaces with the same name, so we must re-link everything). The following change results for Checkstyle Addons users:

  • By default, this version (v6.0.0) is compatible with Checkstyle ≥ 8.21. If you want to use Checkstyle Addons v6.0.0 with older versions of Checkstyle, you must now use the proper variant of Checkstyle Addons:

    • Checkstyle ≥ 8.21: normal Checkstyle Addons
    • Checkstyle 7.0 - 8.20: use Checkstyle Addons java8a variant
    • Checkstyle 6.16.1 - 6.19: use Checkstyle Addons java7 variant (still Java 7 compatible)
    • older Checkstyle: use Checkstyle Addons v4.x

Details may usually be found in the Checkstyle Compatibility Matrix.

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