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Checkstyle Addons provides additional detectors for the Checkstyle static code analysis tool for Java. It integrates with a large number of standard software, and is distributed through Bintray jcenter and Maven Central. It is well tested and stable.

Checkstyle Addons is free software under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3).

What's New

Oct 10, 2019 - v6.0.1 released

This release fixes a bug in our LostInstance check which caused some false positives (#2).

We finally have support for Checkstyle 8.21 and above! For older Checkstyle, you may now have to use a different variant of Checkstyle Addons.
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The What's New page has the comprehensive list of all blog posts.

Get Started

Checkstyle Addons is packaged as a JAR file which is used in most situations, but for Eclipse and SonarQube, dedicated plugins are provided. Click on a logo for product-specific installation instructions, or just download everything:

Related Projects

The Checkstyle static code analysis tool is the foundation of a small ecosystem of tools, of which Checkstyle Addons is only a part. The most notable Checkstyle-related projects are: Checkstyle (the main project), Checkstyle-IDEA (IDE plugin for IntelliJ), Eclipse-CS (IDE plugin for Eclipse), the Gradle Checkstyle Plugin, the Maven Checkstyle Plugin, SevNTU Checkstyle (additional checks), Checkstyle Addons (additional checks; our humble selves), CS-Contrib (additional checks, focused on Eclipse), the SonarQube Checkstyle Plugin, and the Jenkins Checkstyle Plugin.
A professional Checkstyle setup will often run several of the above together, which may require some planning. Refer to the Checkstyle Compatibility Matrix to find out which versions to combine.