Download Guide

The downloads section of a Checkstyle Addons release contains quite a number of files. GitHub does not support setting descriptions for them, so we put the descriptions here. Also, GitHub does not allow .jar extensions, so we had to rename them all to .zip. Remember to rename them back to .jar after download.


The premier download location for Checkstyle Addons JARs is Maven Central.

The most important factor is the Checkstyle version that you use:

Find detailed descriptions on how to set things up on the Get Started page.

Checkstyle 10.0 and up (at least Java 11)

Checkstyle 8.21 - 9.3 (at least Java 8)

Checkstyle 7.0 - 8.20 (also at least Java 8)

Checkstyle 6.16.1 - 6.19 (at least Java 7)

Source Code