Did you know that we check every single one of the frequent Checkstyle releases for compatibility with Checkstyle Addons?
You can check for yourself in our commit history by searching for Ensure support of Checkstyle, a phrase which is present in the relevant commits (link).

Normally, Checkstyle Addons is compatible with the new Checkstyle version, so you’d have no problems even if there was no commit message for it. But the commit adds it to the automatic build, so that when changes are made in the future, we can be sure that the version stays supported. The automatic build actually runs all unit tests against every supported version of Checkstyle (example on GitHub Actions). Since we have high test coverage, this makes us quite confident about compatibility.

Just wanted to let you know! Checkstyle Addons is stable and not much is happening in terms of new development at the moment. But what’s there can be relied upon.