We have a new check called LocationReference which helps ensure correctness of references to the current method or class name when passed as an argument or used in a variable assignment. Also, we have major improvements to the build process.

Here is the more detailed list:

  • New check: LocationReference - This check can be configured to compare a method argument or variable assignment to the names of the current method or class, helping to make sure that such code location references are correct.
  • Reacting to the high volatility of the public Checkstyle API, Checkstyle Addons is now automatically built against all Checkstyle versions that require at least Java 6 (which is 6.0 and upwards). This means more work for the build server, but also much higher confidence that the Checkstyle Addons code will be compatible with any Checkstyle version.
  • The previous item is supported by the introduction of dependency configurations. A dependency configuration is a property file which lists the versions of things that we depend on when building for a particular Checkstyle version, for example Java level, or SonarQube plugin versions.
  • Minor improvements to the inner code quality

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