Coding v1.0.0

These checks address coding problems.


Checks that object instances created explicitly with new are actually used for something. Just being assigned to a variable or passed as a parameter is enough. A full data flow analysis is not performed.

This helps discover cases like the following:

if (x < 0)
    new IllegalArgumentException("x must be nonnegative");

It was probably the intent of the programmer to throw the created exception:

if (x < 0)
    throw new IllegalArgumentException("x must be nonnegative");

The instance might have been created to make use of a constructor side effect, but such a case would be a bug in its own right.

This check was inspired by the FindBugs detector RV_EXCEPTION_NOT_THROWN. However, this check is not restricted to exceptions.




Configure the check like this:

<module name="LostInstance"/>

Parent Module