Available Checks v4.2.0

These are the checks provided by Checkstyle Addons, in alphabetical order. The 'Checks' menu above provides a reference by category.

Currently, there are 7 checks.

Check [since version] – Description
IllegalMethodCall since v1.1.0

Flag calls to illegal methods based on their names

LocationReference since v1.3.0

Check variable assignments and method parameters for correct references to the current method or class

LostInstance since v0.1.0

Find objects created with new that are not used for anything

ModuleDirectoryLayout since v3.0.0

Ensure that the source folder structure within a project’s modules follows a configurable convention

PropertyCatalog since v1.2.0

Keep a property file and a corresponding piece of code in sync

RegexpOnFilenameOrg since v0.1.0

Apply a regular expression to the names of files

RegexpOnString since v2.1.0

Find Java String literals that match a regular expression

For other versions of Checkstyle Addons, please refer to the release history, which also includes version-specific check documentation.